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Licence and Purchase Options

Licence Information


A groove'n'play (GnP) Lifetime Licence includes the following:


  • GnP Teacher’s book (print resources - session plans: delivery models, top tips, extension activities) including: permission to photocopy/print materials

  • GnP Teaching delivery assets (electronic resources - classroom presentation materials: PowerPoint visuals with audio visuals, PDFs, photocopiable resources, animations) to support the delivery of each session in the classroom

  • GnP Audio mp3s to support the practice, rehearsal and performance stages of learning

  • GnP teaching and learning guidance notes

Purchase Information


groove'n'play Lifetime Licence cost: £150 per programme

All Licensed Schools/Hubs/Services will be registered with groove'n'play from the date of purchase(s)

By prior arrangement, and in addition to the GnP written resources,, the purchaser may receive branded electronic classroom

resources (bearing the name of the School/Hub/Service)




Discounts of up to 30% are available for multiple copy purchases of the groove'n'play programmes


Additional Copies


Licence Holders may purchase additional copies of the resource:


  • groove'n'play teacher’s book at £30 per copy

  • groove'n'play electronic resource assets at £15 per USB

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