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What People Say

"We have taken a whole-school approach.  The lessons are really fun and engaging for the children which is perfect.  All the skills that the children need to cover the National Curriculum are undertaken in each lesson." - Headteacher


"The introduction to this resource says, ‘It aims to develop music skills, knowledge and understanding as well as developing instrumental and vocal skills’ and it really does what it says on the tin! It’s packed with really carefully thought-out, well researched tips and ideas about how best to deliver the material. The accompanying digital resources - PowerPoints, professional quality backing tracks and ‘practice animations’ for every stage of the learning process - really bring everything to life." - Primary Music Teacher

"The lessons are progressive and organised around 6 songs which support and expand the musical learning and provide a framework that is punctuated with instrumental breaks. This structure (along with dividing the class into four groups, each with different roles within the music) serves to obviate the age-old potential trauma of a whole class, in the initial stages of learning, playing the recorder en masse." - Primary Music Teacher

"The lyrics are contemporary (It doesn’t matter if it’s Orchestral, It doesn’t matter if it’s Thrash Metal); thought provoking (Can you wake before you sleep? Make a jump without a leap?); catchy (before a satellite beam, or an audio stream, there was the pipe and drum); as well as cross-curricular (English has a stop that’s punctuation, Music talks articulation)." - Primary Music Teacher

This is a guide to music teaching of the highest quality, integrating all the elements of the music national curriculum and exemplifying learning music through practical engagement. There is something for every level in the fun and engaging songs, which make fantastic concert or assembly items." - Primary Music Teacher


"The children see themselves as musicians which is the important thing - to ask them who plays an instrument now they all put their hands up and it's just wonderful to see" - Music Co-ordinator

"Sally Greaves’ Groove ‘n Play – Recorder, Sticks and Songs is the best resource I have come across in years! Children are immediately hooked with a wide range of musical styles, catchy melodies and funky rhythms. The book is laid out with clear lesson plans suitable for both specialist and non-specialist teachers, and includes all high-quality backing tracks, powerpoint teaching material, sheet music - everything you could need – on a memory stick. The material is very flexible, enabling you to focus on particular skills, instruments or concepts without sacrificing content or children losing interest. The songs are perfect for school concerts, involving everyone and guiding pupils through the process of learning, practising, rehearsing and finally performing. With whole-class participation, it is easy to differentiate material for different ability groups or individual preferences." - Primary Music Teacher


"Rather than teach recorder in isolation which can tire the ear, Groove ‘n Play promotes a holistic music development through use of percussion and singing simultaneously – true ensemble playing! Each lesson has many extension activities to the wider curriculum and quite simply, it is fun - pupils don’t want to stop playing and singing together." - Primary Music Teacher


"I can’t think of any other resource that promotes group music making in such an engaging, well-planned and musical way." - Primary Music Teacher

"The way the programme is set out it all comes quite organically.  As the programme moves on things are gradually introduced and after each session the children get to play along with fantastic backing tracks from very different genres and styles.  A lot of them are very funky so the children thoroughly enjoy that."  - Teacher

"One thing that I really love is that through the year groups it steps up so it increases in terms of the children's technical abilities as well as their musical abilities. By the time they reach year 6 they're attempting some really complex stuff and it works really well " - Year 6 Class Teacher 


"We have been involved in the Guitar Programme over the last year. We've currently 75 students taking part - three year 4 classes.  It's been an amazing experience for the children.  The progress we have seen is outstanding.  We've got all sorts of abilities and they are all engaged - all very enthusiastic towards the learning." - Teacher


"The pace is laid out so that it's learning at the children's pace there's no sense of children falling behind.  They're able to catch up and keep up." -  Teacher


"I've been learning with the children. I have found it very graspable. It has been a pleasure for us all to take part" - Teacher 


"I have been teaching music for over thirty years and learning B, A, G on the recorder with a class of year 3 children has never been so much fun and so full of serious musical learning." - Primary Music Teacher


"Thank you so much for another fantastic event today! [Get Set Play – Groove n Pay]. I think the format works so well. All the families had such a great time and were certainly very excited and enthused about continuing with the project. Thank you for your energy and fabulous music as always!" - Royal College of Music


"I have used the Guitar groovenplay with all year groups & it has been really successful! Particulalry with some switched off year 9 boys - Secondary Head of Music

"I really enjoyed the recorder inset a couple of weeks ago, and am hoping school will buy the resource as I think it would work very well with our year 3s" - Primary Music Teacher

"The Groove 'n' Play classroom curriculum resource is ideal for teachers giving all they need. Elements of music are covered as well as relevant notation – the children  feel like  real players/singers in a real ensemble. The music and lyrics are original and linked to elements of the music and wider curriculum.  The really high-quality recorded resources provide backing for all the songs and workouts - every element being professional.  It’s so refreshing to hear music that you would want to hear in a concert hall or at a gig in your classroom – no compromise! Every teacher’s dream." - Head of Hub

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